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Making Digital Menus Easy

By adopting digital menu boards, your menu evolves beyond a static list, becoming a dynamic display that informs and entices customers, boosting check averages and enhancing the dining experience.
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Why Make the Move to Digital Menus

Enhanced Visual Appeal

Digital menus offer vibrant displays and customizable layouts that captivate customers, making the dining experience more visually engaging.

Menu Boards - Enhanced Visual Appeal

Real-Time Updates

Easily modify menu items, prices, and promotions instantly across all locations, ensuring accuracy and consistency.

Menu Boards - Real-Time Updates

Upselling Opportunities

Strategically highlight high-margin items, daily specials, or combo deals to encourage upselling and increase average order value.

Menu Boards - Upselling Opportunities

Reduced Costs

Eliminate printing and distribution expenses associated with traditional menus, saving money and reducing environmental impact.

Menu Boards - Reduced Costs


Easily adapt to changing market trends, seasonal offerings, or regulatory requirements by swiftly updating digital menus, always ensuring relevance and compliance.

Menu Boards - Adaptability

Our Menu Design Process

Conduct a Discovery Consultation

Gather Materials

Implement Design

Prepare Software/Hardware

Review and Approve Design

Install Screens/Boards

Set Live Date

Provide Ongoing Technical Support After Launch

Schedule Menu Access Training

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Common Questions About Menus

How easy is it to update?

Updating digital menus is incredibly straightforward. During the consultation, we delve into your specific needs: whether you'll primarily be adjusting text, prices, creating promotions, or altering images. By tailoring the menu to your requirements, we ensure seamless updates, making the process as effortless as possible.

Is this only for actual food menus?

No, digital menus aren't limited to food establishments. They're adaptable for any business seeking to communicate effectively. Whether it's a mechanic shop displaying prices or product demonstrations, or a salon showcasing hairstyles and upselling services, the applications are boundless.

Can you connect to POS system?

Currently, no, we're unable to connect to POS systems. The diverse requirements and preferred partners of each POS system pose challenges for consistency and quality service delivery. However, we remain open to revisiting this option in the future.

Digital Menus Can Improve Your Business

With real-time adjustments and potential upselling opportunities, digital menus optimize operational efficiency and boost profitability. Additionally, their adaptability across various industries expands marketing potential and improves customer experience, making them a valuable investment for any business. We frequently offer support in the design process, extending our services to include print menus and flyers through our design service options. Explore our range of services to discover how we can assist with your creative design and marketing requirements.